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Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos awareness training is a requirement of individuals whose work could potentially expose them to asbestos. In particular, it is given to demolition workers and those workers in the refurbishment, maintenance and allied trades where their work could disturb the fabric of the building.

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Minor Works with Asbestos Non-Licensed Products

Individuals requiring this type of asbestos training include those whose work will knowingly disturb low risk asbestos containing materials, such as maintenance workers and their supervisors; and those who carry out asbestos sampling and analysis.

Asbestos New Operative

This UKATA asbestos training course is designed for all individuals about to begin work within the asbestos removal industry who have received no prior training. The training syllabus complies with the new Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and all HSE guidance.

This course will provide thorough training for new operatives who will be undertaking licensed asbestos removal work and includes a mix of both theoretical and practical elements.

Asbestos Operative Refresher

This asbestos training course is designed for individuals who have been working within the asbestos industry, undertaking licensed asbestos removal and have attended the original new operative course or a previous operative refresher within the last 12 months.

This intensive course builds upon the initial New Operative course and the practical experience gained by the operative on site. It is vital to ensure all operatives are aware of any changes in regulations, best practices and new techniques whilst reaffirming information concerning health hazards and general site procedures.

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Asbestos New Supervisor

This module provides supervisors with knowledge and understanding of asbestos removal procedures through a combination of theory and practical training methods.

Individuals must have achieved the Asbestos Operative course and present a valid certificate to the effect and also must have been an Asbestos Operative for at least 1 full year.

Asbestos Supervisor Refresher

This asbestos training course is a refresher from Asbestos New Supervisor training. The course refreshes the supervisor’s knowledge and understanding of asbestos removal project supervision. The course also updates supervisor’s to any change in legislation and working practices.

Asbestos New Manager

This asbestos training course is for newly appointed Asbestos Manager/Director who will be responsible for Asbestos Management work as per Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Asbestos Manage Refresher

This asbestos training course is for asbestos manager/directors requiring annual refresher training. The course also updates supervisor’s to any change in legislation and working practises.

Certificate in Supervisory Management

This course is designed for managers and supervisors who have line management responsibility for other employees. Participants reflect upon their line management responsibilities and evaluate their current skills against best practice guidelines after attending a workshop. The workshop is highly participative and practical, and will enable all candidates to develop their skills to the relevant National Occupational Standards.

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