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Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Management

Previously referred to as a Type 2 asbestos survey, a Management Survey is designed to ensure property duty holders are meeting all regulations in relation to the management of asbestos related issues.


Previously a component of a Type 3 asbestos survey, a Refurbishment Survey is a more in-depth inspection of a property undergoing refurbishment. This ensures all materials that could potentially contain asbestos are dealt with to prevent exposure when any contractors carry out work on the building.


Previously a component of a Type 3 asbestos survey, a Demolition Survey is a more in-depth inspection of a property undergoing demolition. Once the survey is completed and if asbestos is found, the contractor can identify areas requiring asbestos removal work prior to the demolition of the building.



Bulk Sampling

As Nichol Associates have up-to-date, well equipped laboratory facilities at our headquarters in Hebburn, Tyne and Wear, we can collect and sample any materials suspected to contain asbestos. Our labs are accredited for the Analysis of Asbestos Containing Materials and our experienced team of Technical Managers and Laboratory Technicians are trained to BOHS P401, P403 and P404 standards.

We will collect samples from the client’s site, analyse the results in-house and report back to the client with any findings as soon as possible.

Surveying Process


To comply with the Management of Health and Safety and Work Regulations 1999 and 2005, and ensure our clients receive the highest quality surveying, we arrange for a minimum of 2 asbestos surveyors to work on a project at any given time.


Both on-site and in-house Nichol Associates uses the latest technology when undertaking asbestos surveying.

We use bespoke handheld PDA technology TEAMS to provide consistency and efficiency when undertaking and completing the asbestos survey procedure. This allows us to acquire high-quality results for every client at every site.


Our laboratory Technical Managers have over 20 years experience in the asbestos field and are BOHS certified, as are our team of Laboratory Technicians.

Our clients can be assured of our quality in this field as we are UKAS accredited; the only UK accrediting body testing the quality control procedure in the asbestos surveying industry.

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