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Asbestos Analytical

Four stage clearance air monitoring

Asbestos Services Specialists Nichol Associates undertake four stage clearance air monitoring following the removal of asbestos based materials (generally licensed materials such as insulation boards, insulation and coatings) under fully controlled conditions. This will enable a certificate of reoccupation to be issued to reassure those reoccupying the area that it is safe to do so.

Reassurance Air Tests

Reassurance air monitoring is conducted to determine asbestos fibre concentrations upon completion of the assessment of site for reoccupation or following the removal of non-licensed asbestos containing materials (such as vinyl floor tiles, cement products, textured coatings). Air tests can also take place following the disturbance of suspected or identified asbestos-containing materials.

After the asbestos removal procedure has taken place, a Reassurance Air Test is carried out.

It is common for asbestos dust to fall in crevices of the enclosure sheeting that cannot be seen to the naked eye, which is why we complete the test after the full removal process.

Nichol Associates carries out reassurance monitoring on behalf of clients and will discuss the implications of any results, good or bad.

Analytical Testing

Analytical Testing

Leak Air Tests

Leak air monitoring is carried out outside the enclosure/work area while work is in progress. It is undertaken to verify that the control measures are adequate enough to control asbestos fibres released to the outside.

When working in an enclosure, a leak test can be performed. This test will highlight any breaches within the enclosure, clients can be confident that the enclosure is retaining and keeping asbestos fibres within it.

We can carry out leak testing on behalf of our clients, which then identifies any leaks in the enclosure construction, and therefore protect staff and members of the public who may be nearby.

Background Air Tests

Background air monitoring is conducted to establish airborne fibre concentrations prior to any activity that may lead to airborne asbestos contamination or in specific locations with known asbestos based materials.

A Background sampling analysis will establish the level of fibre concentrations before any activity which may lead to an elevated airborne asbestos concentration.

Personal Air Monitoring

Personal sampling is conducted to assess whether or not the personal exposures of workers comply with the relevant control limits and to determine the suitability of respiratory protective equipment being used.

Samples are also assessed for personal exposure records, assessment of respirator suitability or as assessment of whether air borne fibre concentrations are less or more than the control limit.

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing

Nichol Associates have onsite laboratory testing at our headquarters which is UKAS accredited to ISO 17025 standards.

Samples can be analysed within 4 hours on the same day or over a long period at the client’s request.

Our laboratory Technical Mangers have over 20 years experience in the asbestos field and are BOHS certified, as are our team of Laboratory Technicians.

We are also members of the Asbestos in Materials Scheme and Regular Interlaboratory Counting Exchange Scheme which meets all Health & Safety Laboratory and World Health Organisation rules.

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