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In-house training simulator set to revolutionise asbestos safety

A firm in the North East has built a full size training simulator in order to provide a fully
realistic ‘hands on’ experience of the situations that its’ students can expect
to face in the real world when removing asbestos safety from residential

Nichol Associates based in Hebburn Tyne and Wear was able to construct the full size property thanks to
a £70,000 investment grant from the Finance for Business North East Growth
Fund. The new complex compliments existing training and laboratory facilities,
allowing the company to boast of what are believed to be the best asbestos
training facilities to be found anywhere in the UK.

“Theory is all very well, but when it comes to the safe removal of asbestos, we need to give
trainees the most realistic practice and experience possible and the only safe
way to do that was to construct a simulator,” said Nichol Associates Managing
Director Dave Nichol. “A life size bungalow gives our instructors the ability
to put trainees through their paces in the most realistic residential simulation
possible and ensures the training we provide is comprehensive.”

Asbestos remains the biggest cause of work related deaths in the UK and while the expansion of
Nichol Associates suggests the message on training in the identification and
safe removal of asbestos is getting through, far too many companies and
individuals continue to flout the law and asbestos regulations –risking their
own lives and those of others in the process. Estimates put the figure of
public buildings alone in the UK containing asbestos at over 1.5 million and as
the fabric of some of these older buildings deteriorates, there is going to be
a real need for those trained to remove asbestos safely.

“The new facilities at our North East headquarters and our offices throughout the country are good
news for us and those in need of training,” added Dave. “Too few have been
trained in the safe handling and removal of asbestos. That must change and we
are doing all we can to play our part.”

Nichol Associates aims to provide a one stop shop for all asbestos training needs. The Hebburn
headquarters boasts not just its new £70,000 state of the art simulator, but
additional surveying, removal and consultancy services, plus a fully functional
analytical testing service and laboratory.

“We now have a comprehensive suite of training facilities, equipment and buildings that allows
Nichol Associates to offer not just asbestos training, but to cater for those
needing for wider health and safety training,” added Dave. “While asbestos
remains the focus of our work, there are wider health and safety needs and this
gives a real boost to us and we can factor in asbestos training to other
courses where it is relevant and allows us to expand our education role on
asbestos more generally.”

For those who find asbestos that must be removed, employing contractors who are fully trained in
how to do so safely is a must. If in any doubt, experts like Nichol Associates
or those trained by them will be able to advise you. Nichol Associates has
spent years training the next generation of asbestos removal specialists and
advising organisations throughout the country on such matters although anyone
in any doubt can consult the company’s website at
for advice.

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