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Goodyear Tyres™ Insurer Not Honoring Contract In Asbestos Claims

Tyre giant, Goodyear, has faced tens of thousands of asbestos management lawsuits during its long and successful history and has paid out millions in defense and indemnity costs for their negligence.

However, the firm now says, their insurer has concluded that it will no longer pay defense and indemnity costs for any future asbestos-related claims.

Goodyear is now seeking a declaratory judgment against the insurance company, accusing it of breach of contract on “various primary and umbrella policies issued from the 1960s to the 1980s.”

This isn’t just bad news for’ Goodyear Tire and Rubber, but also for those who will look to file claims against the company in the future. Workers regularly came in contact with asbestos whilst working at the firm. Asbestos was’ used in products that were manufactured by the tyre giant and was also found in equipment used at the company’s factories.

Cases of’ mesothelioma are still on the rise despite the ban of asbestos-related material. However, it is well known that the disease has a long latency period, and those unfortunate enough to have been exposed in the 1960s and 1970s are still being diagnosed with the aggressive form of cancer.

A spokesperson for Goodyear stated that the manufacturer has done nothing to warrant the breach of contract. All deductibles have been met and all per occurrence limits have been exhausted, they explain, but their insurers “have declined to honor its coverage obligations” due under the policies. As a result of this decision, Goodyear “has been forced to incur and will continue to incur additional consequential damages. Including without limitation, attorneys’ fees and other expenses in bring this action.”

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