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Welsh consultation on asbestos disease costs-recovery Bill

A Wales Assembly Committee has launched a public consultation on a Bill aimed at recovering costs of treatment for asbestos-related diseases.

Proposed by Mick Antoniw AM, a former personal-injury lawyer, the Recovery of Medical Costs for Asbestos Disease (Wales) Bill is at the first stage of the legislative process and is being considered by the Health and Social Care Committee.

This stage examines general principles, such as whether a law is necessary or whether the objective can be achieved through current legislation, and whether the wording of the Bill will achieve its stated aims.

The objective of the Bill, according to the accompanying Explanatory Memorandum, is “to enable the Welsh ministers to recover from a compensator (being a person, by or on behalf of whom, a compensation payment is made to, or in respect of, a victim of asbestos-related disease) certain costs incurred by the NHS in Wales in providing care and treatment for the victim of the asbestos-related disease”.

Added Mr”ˆAntoniw: “It is intended that the funds recovered will be used to provide additional assistance for asbestos victims and their families.”

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